Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 2004
Thank you, once again, to the many of you who prayed during this ministry weekend of May 1-2.

Meet Pastor Archie Dyck, a Canadian Pastor of many years.   Pastor Dyck gave me a very warm welcome when he picked me up at my hotel Saturday afternoon.  We had only met over the phone a week earlier.
Before lunch, we drove to the building God had provided for the people of Victory Baptist Church.  There was something special he wanted me to see - and it was remarkable.   It was a testimony to God's faithfulness. God had provided this church building, which only a few years ago was an athletic/health club in one of the busiest areas of Winnipeg.
It was obtained at an exceptional price -considering it's prime location - and then renovated.
Join me for a quick tour:  This sanctuary used to be several racquetball courts, side by side.

They decided to keep one to use, located through this door just across the hall.
What a great opportunity for reaching out to the youth of the area!  Below is a former work-out room, now the fellowship hall.
And this Sunday school room below used to have a pool and sauna!
People used to come here to maintain their physical health, but now they come for their spiritual health!
This kind lady (to the right)  was concerned about my wife, Shelly, being lonely back home.  So, she put together a special gift bag for her.  If you ever pray for Shelly's encouragement, this could be part of God answering your prayers!
Sunday was a full and rewarding day.  I had been invited to speak three times.  After we studied Luke 18 -19 in the morning service, a young man of 20 years, spoke privately with the pastor and I.  He had been saved as a child, and today he was responding to God's call to become serious in his Christian walk.  We all prayed together in the pastor's office and I listened as a broken and weeping Christian re-dedicated his life to God. 
During the evening service we had communion, and then we found God's encouragement from the book of Daniel.  Several people publicly responded at the end, coming forward to pray. There are some at this church who have recently encountered very difficult and discouraging circumstances, but God up-lifted  us all Sunday evening.  I was told that the timing of the message was just right.  Thank you, prayer  partners, for praying.
This church was a reminder that there is such a contrast between the people of this world and those who have been "Born from above."
These people, inspite of some being in difficult circumstances, are truly happy in Christ!  There was a tremendous amount of encouragement and warmth among these Christians:  a testimony to God's love.
When you pass by or go inside a health club, don't forget to pray for Pastor and Mrs. Dyck and the people of Victory Baptist Church.
It was a reminder to me that if we Christians desire to be used of God, we need to maintain a soft heart -a sensitive heart toward spiritual things.  A broken spirit must not be a one time occurrence at salvation.
Thanks for praying this weekend!