Cologne (Koln), Germany - July 2005

As the 4th largest populated city in Germany, Cologne sits on one of the longest rivers in Europe: The Rhine, which begins in the Swiss Alps.
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Miles of beautiful bike trails allow people to travel along the riverside from town to town.
Together, they give spiritual help to a multicultural gathering of believers in Germany.
Today in church, we are learning about the foundation for a Christian home: a "Christian Marriage." Ironically, this is also "Gay Pride Day" in Cologne.
As I travel by tram, along the tracks there is a small portion of an estimated 15 - 20 thousand people who are a part of Germany's largest gay pride event.  
But, just across the river from my hotel, is a smaller group who has come to learn about relationships from the Bible perspective. 

This is a church made up of people from Germany, Nigeria, India, and Iran, just to name a few of the countries.

The singles are encouraged in how to recognize their future life mate from God.

And the married couples are encouraged in how to have intimacy and see intimacy restored in a relationship.
"Singles" from a church across town have also come over.
People of both groups spoke with me afterwards, excited to see principles from God's Word about how to have a Christian home. 
Hearts responded as you prayed.  Thank you.
Pastor David and Sylvia Wilson are from England and Northern Ireland.  They met in Bible college and have been married for 11 years.