August 11-12, 2002
This was my first time getting to know Christians in the Philippines.  It was an opportunity to encourage and make plans for future ministry.   What a blessing it was to see the enthusiasm of God's people there.
Here is the family of Pastor Chris Calalang.  He is a national pastor about 2 hours north of Manila. He and his wife have led the work there for several years.  Their ministry includes a Christian day school for kids, and a Bible school for young adults who are training for the ministry.  I visited his church that Sunday morning.  After church, we went out to eat and had a great time of fellowship.  Pastor Chris introduced me to several other national pastors on Monday.
Sunday afternoon and evening (Below), I was priviledge to spend time with the Vizzini Family.  Bob and Sharon  have five children, Jason, Jesse, Joseph, Jared and Naomi.  Theirs is a unique and amazing ministry. 
Bob and Sharon are deaf missionaries, who minister to the deaf.  Like myself, they also prepared for the ministry at Liberty University.  Because of their yeilding heart, God has opened up a wonderful door of opportunity.  In fact, they work with a ministry called "DOOR" (Deaf Opportunity Out Reach). They have been running a training center for Christians who are deaf.  It's purpose is to teach them how to reach others that are deaf for Christ!  They have students from around Asia.  Currently, the Vizzini family is in a transition phase, as the Asia training center will be moving to another country.  However, the center in the Philippines will remain to continue training nationals.

Their family and ministry encouraged my heart.  One of their staff members, Melanie, did a great job of interpreting for us when conversation when beyond my limited knowledge of sign language, which was often!
Monday morning we visited the family of Pastor Tony Horn.  He  had moved there only 2 weeks ago, from Kentucky.  He and his family are starting a church there. They have recently built their home, purchased land for a church, and have plans to begin building soon.  Currently, the new congregation meets in his home. His excitement for the new ministry is a real testimony for the Lord.  God is already blessing in many ways.