Singapore - December 26, 2004
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Intimacy In Marriage:  A fresh start for a new year!
            A Pleasant Surprise!

God provided a great introduction to the message that I had not expected: a  video was played on the big screens showing a Christian couple being interviewed about their own marriage.  This helped all of us to turn our thoughts toward the subject before I came to the platform!
1)  Several of the people spoke with me afterward indicating that God had used the
    message. One lady, who's marriage was struggling, requested the notes since
    her husband was not able to be there.

2)  You will also be glad to know that four people responded to the Gospel
     presentation and were saved!
Today, God opened the door for us to minister at the International Baptist Church of Singapore. It is a church of about 1000 people who represent many different countries.
This is a "transition week" for much of the world.  Thoughts are moving from Christmas to the new year.  Preaching the day after Christmas provided the opportunity to lead in this transition, encouraging these believers to think about how Christ desires to impact our families in 2005.
Some of the fruit of your prayers:
Principles for Singles and Couples
Thank You For Praying!