Taipei, Taiwan - November 7, 2004
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It is approaching 3:00 AM back home, as I am arriving for a Sunday afternoon bilingual worship service. The congregation is made up of both Chinese and English speaking people. This is a meeting where everything is translated into both languages. 

God has clearly given me the message for today and I am excited about this opportunity to deliver His Word! Only an hour ago I was pretty tired from traveling, but now He has energized me!
Pictured above, these young men in red are passing out bulletins and inviting people to the service.  Our main text is from the book of Matthew, and our subject is discipleship.  While preaching, I present a clear presentation of the Gospel message. Prayer partners have prayed and God is responding. At the end of the message, approximately 20 people raise their hands, indicating that they have just prayed to be saved!  What a blessing it is to see this! The pastor invites them to the "New Believers Class" where they will learn more.
God is working in the hearts of many others today, also.  Christians are being encouraged to grow in Christ, and to bring others to Him.
Prayer Partners:  Thanks for being a part of this ministry!